About us

We know how to do our job well.

We have been designing and manufacturing classic and modern fitted kitchens for over 40 years, thanks to the innovative spirit that accompanies us all day, every day.

We believe in people and in their growth. It is based on this approach and thanks to the decade of experience of all our staff members that we are in a position to offer superior standards of quality and thorough inspections across the entire production process that leads up to every single kitchen we manufacture.

A question of details.

We know that in a kitchen, it's all about appearances. The ability to appreciate how a pinch of salt or half a spoonful of sugar can change an entire recipe.

Details that make the difference.

Styling and function.

We organise your space, finding the perfect balance between appearance and practicality. Styling and function, details and solidity. Innovative solutions which concurrently preserve a connection with traditions and a modern appeal.

Love for beauty. In the kitchen.

Allow yourself to be amazed.

We offer you a complete selection of furnishing solutions devised to achieve a range of atmospheres, from the more eclectic and sophisticated to the more traditional.

Affording total customisation to make your kitchen truly unique and personalised.

Direct sale.

Contact with our customers if of the utmost importance to us. Liaising with them every day helps us better to understand and improve our products continuously.

This is why we have decided to sell our kitchens directly too, confident that we can thus offer top quality and service at affordable prices.